So many new things coming!

Maybe because theres a colorful holiday approaching, or I signed up for a craft fair next month, or it could be that I never went to sleep last night thanks to kid 2. Whatever it is, I planned out a ton of new products to add while waiting for the sun to rise! Thankfully Amazon will be delivering the emergency products i ordered at 1 am to complete my plans! :)

After work today I’ll add the new products and hopefully Amazon delivers before 10 tonight so I can make them before going to bed.

Until then, here’s a preview of what we’re working on. ❤️😘

Bath Bomb Shower FIZZIES-

rose flavor

eucalyptus, lemon




All Fizzies flavors are available as fizzy dust as an option in a 4 oz glass jar with a cute little spoon if you prefer to sprinkle in your tub.

New Scrub Flavors-

Unicorn: watermelon essential oil, coconut oil, sugar and sprinkles 🦄

Strawberry: strawberry essential oil, coconut oil, strawberry sprinkles, sugar


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